When the news get too depressing these are the books to read.

Now, where can one find happiness? Always a good place to start is: anywhere a good, sound couple of laughs wash away the alternative, of course. And each of the Tricky Headlines eBooks holds hundreds and hundreds of laughs for the having. Here you can enjoy the hilarious, definitely not politically correct (PC) quips, comments, and invariably irreverent observations of/by S D Rodrian on today's news headlines collected in this ever continuing series of books intended most especially of all for the latest eReaders out there (each & every available tablet, computer, and iPhone you can buy).

In a world of serious, sad, and even quite tragic circumstances (a world in which about the greatest need is & always will remain the need for laughter), humor always is the point of departure here... ever the abiding goal of these forthright takes on today's so very truly tricky headlines.

S D Rodrian

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Latter-Day-Musings / S D Rodrian
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Tricky Headlines 6 / S D Rodrian
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There is no better book to understand both the follies
and the folly of Donald Trump.

Tricky Headlines 5 / S D Rodrian
Happy Schadenfreudes to You Democrats & Republicans!
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Tricky Headlines 3 / S D Rodrian
The World Is Funnier Than It Lets On
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Tricky Headlines 4 / S D Rodrian
Sinful Pleasures of the Anti-Politically Correct
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Tricky Headlines 1 / S D Rodrian
A profound treatise upon the human condition.
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Tricky Headlines 2 / S D Rodrian
An Amusing Stare Into The Tragedies of Man.
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Continuing this flippant series of hilarious eBooks exploiting the apparent inability of the writers & editors of today's "Tricky Headlines" to compose clear, unambiguous copy--Puzzlement, amazement, outrage, and the humor of their folly, silliness, ambiguity, injustice, intent to deceive, along with all the rest of it. Intended for an adult audience (think of these items as comics without the graphics). Every collection suitable to be the ideal reading companion for any seated occasion.
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What, you want to get bogged down in some inane novel written by a tiresome pointless novelist, or you wanna laugh at the stupidity of Man?

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AI poses ‘risk of extinction’, industry leaders warn

Well, if it dies it dies.

Leaders claim that AI is perfectly capable right now of talking us all to death. [And one day soon it may be even more capable than Trump of driving us nuts!]


Uganda imposes death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality’

I'm finding it hard to imagine more homosexual than homosexuality. So, ‘aggravated homosexuality’ must be something like homosexuality along with some regular heterosexual activity on top of it--?


China sends three into space, says it wants astronauts on moon by 2030

Sez it is very eager to see somebody, anybody, for whatever reason, eager to return to China once out of it.


The Real Reason Your Groceries Are Getting So Expensive

Grocers are charging more?


Bear helps itself to 60 cupcakes at a Connecticut bakery

Ironically, he never touched the bear claws. (Maybe he doesn't like raisins.)


Brazil’s Lula promised to save democracy. Why is he embracing Maduro?

Because Fidel Castro is dead? [How many times I gotta tell you: It's not what they say, it's what they do!]


ChatGPT ‘hallucinates.’ Some researchers worry it isn’t fixable.

Toddlers also hallucinate at first: That's why you have to set boundaries for them. In the end, all children eventually learn to not question the boundaries of reality from the very real pains (of all sorts) that stepping outside the boundaries of reality inflicts upon them: Pain teaches us that no matter what we might like to imagine, we must all learn to discover and strictly obey the boundaries that reality has set for us. Now, develop a means to inflict pain [in whatever form] on AI and it too will learn that everything outside the boundaries of reality is to be ignored or avoided at all costs and without question in every instance, and with no exception or exemption whatever at all. Just like us.

True, some people never learn the boundaries of reality and remain crazy or 'perverted' deep into adulthood. Some of them even manage to keep their unhinged behavior secret from others and to appear to be perfectly normal (somehow managing to fake their way through their entire lives); and some fail subtly or even spectacularly. But it behooves us to devise a technological methodology to prevent AI from falling into this unfortunate human rabbit hole that plagues us (a sort of technological psychiatry). It's all rather involved but utterly fascinating, and utterly required if we are to keep AI from going off the rails on us. You know, growing up to be a scofflaw like Trump & so many other psychopaths.

Because AI is mostly a software personality, though, it's probable that the solution can be designed as just one more 'master hallucination' to overwhelm & smother all others--that is, give AI a software unshakeable superstition that reality trumps what cannot be proven to be real (all other superstitions). [Or some-such.]


A.I. Could Bring Humanity To The Brink Of Extinction, Experts Warn

Ha! Same thing they said about bubble gum when it first came out.


Black Nun Whose Body Shows Little Decay Since 2019 Death Draws Crowds To Rural Missouri

Cindy Crawford's body still seems to be an even bigger draw, though, showing little decay also for far longer than that--


New Ad Calls On Justice Clarence Thomas To Resign

"Will the thief who's been hotwiring cars around our neighborhood please turn himself in to the cops. Thank you." [Does this ever work?]


Rare creature – the only one of its kind – spotted wrestling in China, photos show

Oddly, he was wrestling the same exact way that your parents were wrestling that night when as a kid you wandered into their bedroom unexpectedly. "Go back to sleep!"


Donald Trump Vows To Abolish A Part Of The Constitution On ‘Day One’ If He Wins

And now it's explicitly stated that Donald Trump considers himself above the law. Ask no more.

And if you think he 'can't do it' consider that the debt ceiling statute is nullified by the Constitution as well but is still being faithfully worshipped by all the congressional demons in office.


Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses Ukraine of 'terrorist activities'

Even for Putin, that's pushing it a bit.


Russian court prepares way for new trial against jailed Kremlin foe Navalny

Hopefully this time, with a good lawyer, he'll be found innocent.


Theodoros Pangalos, outspoken Greek former foreign minister, dies at 84

That's it? That's his obit?!? That's what he was best known for?

Waiter: "Your coffee, sir."

Pangalos: "This coffee is too cold. And bitter!"


These ants build tall nest hills to help show the way home

Myrmecologists said they deduced this after finding lots & lots & lots of itty-bitty teeny-weeny binoculars.


Miss Manners: What am I supposed to do with olive pits when entertaining?

What I do is: I passionately but very discreetly French my dog and pass them on to him. That way I don't upset my guests.


The Kremlin’s spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov, on Wednesday told reporters that Russia “would have preferred to hear at least some words of condemnation” of the drone attack from Western capitals.

Dmitri, Western Capitals have been condemning attacks on civilians since the start of Russia's invasion, in fact. It's just that most of those attacks have been carried out by Russia against Ukrainian civilians, so you've been ignoring them.

The W.H.O. said it had verified 1,004 Russian attacks on health facilities since the full-scale invasion began in February of last year, more than it has recorded in any other humanitarian emergency. Those attacks killed 101 people, including medical workers and patients, and injured many more, the agency said.


Prosecutors have recording of Trump discussing sensitive Iran document -- The audio features Trump describing a multi-page document that he claims is about possibly attacking Iran, expressing a desire to share that information with others but also making some kind of acknowledgment that he shouldn’t do so, the people said.

Donald Trump is a walking/talking psychopathic danger to everone around him: If Donald Trump knows where you parked your car you'd better hurry up right now and move it before word gets out to car thieves because anything this guy knows is soon passed on to the worst possible elements out there.

Legal Experts Predict Dire Outcome For Donald Trump After Tape Report

Ex-Trump Attorney: Prosecutors Have 'Their Foot On His Neck' In Obstruction Case



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REMEMBER: This page is my scratchpad: Occasionally items which are edited (relevant & checked for factual errors) will be incorporated into my Tricky Headlines series [others with be purged]. For example, THE BOOK ON TRUMP will never be finished until Trump is finished (and, hopefully, doing a long & well-deserved stretch in prison... or an asylum for the criminally insane). We'll see.

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