An Open Letter To President Obama On The Trayvon Martin Affair.

Why, Mister President, do you continue to perpetuate
the lie that there was any racial aspect whatsoever to
the Zimmerman case, when two sets of prosecutors
and a trial by jury found there was none?

You continue to insinuate that Trayvon Martin was killed
because he was black when all the available evidence
indisputably shows that Martin was the aggressor... that
Trayvon Martin savagely and brutally beat George Zimmerman,
a much smaller man, to within an inch of his life... and
that, in spite of the fact that the law allowed Zimmerman
to shoot Martin at any point he felt there was a possibility
that Martin was endangering his life, Zimmerman shot him
ONLY at the point where Zimmerman was about to lose
consciousness because of Martin savagely bashing his
skull into the pavement. [You let me "ping" you on the
back of your head with a half-a-brick, and then you tell me
Zimmerman was not justified in shooting Trayvon Martin,
Mister President.]

Even if you do not directly name George Zimmerman
when you suggest Trayvon Martin was killed because
he was black, Mister President--Do you really believe
that because of this cheap trick you can somehow
morally get away with the vicious insinuation that
Zimmerman shot Martin because Zimmerman was a

The worst crime Zimmerman was with any good reason
accused of was getting out of his car--Not a word is
mentioned about why Trayvon Martin didn't simply walk
away himself but instead chose to seek out, come up on,
and challenge Zimmerman... and then completely
unjustifiably proceed to pound him with such brutality
that his knuckles were busted up and bleeding--Were
Zimmerman's knuckles so much as reddened in this
"fight?" Did Zimmerman so much a throw one single
punch? Where is the evidence that he might have?
Certainly not on Martin. And are we to believe that on
that dark night Zimmerman started a fight with a much
larger and threatening-looking Martin knowing as he
must have known that he could have pulled his gun
on Martin at any moment and kept him at bey... long
before Martin came anywhere close enough to throw
even one punch?

Is it believable that you, Mister President, intelligent
and informed as you are (by FBI and Justice Department
investigations to your personal discredit and fruitlessly
seeking to unearth any dirt they could to make George
Zimmerman out to be a racist and a bigot)... is it anywhere
within the realm of credibility that you do not know now
beyond a doubt that George Zimmerman is no racist
and has never been a racist?

And still you persist in your disreputable and libelous
insinuation that George Zimmerman's case was about
the racism of white America as personified in a young
black man's killing by a white man who chose to kill him
because he was black!

You must know perfectly well, Mister President, that
George Zimmerman did not shoot Trayvon Martin
because Martin was black but because Martin pounced
on Zimmerman and would have unquestionably
murdered him had Zimmerman not shot Martin at the
last possible instant--And so you must know just as
well, Mister President, that you have no justification
whatsoever for bringing the issue of race into this
conversation. And yet you still do... and you do so,
sir, to your own eternal shame and dishonor.

The very last thing on this earth that a black man in
your unique position ought to be doing is fanning the
flames of racial hated; and no matter if you are pursing
the misguided purpose of "uniting" African-Americans
even around the most miserable of lies. The means
almost NEVER justify the ends, Mister President: In the
end, any your cheap immediate political gains will be
more than nullified and frustrated by your support for
deceptions, fantasies and outright lies which can only
work towards the detriment of all African-Americans.

What you really should have done was apologize to
George Zimmerman for so unjustly persecuting him
(misusing the awesome power of the government), and
even if you were misled by the initial NBC criminally
libelous misreporting of Zimmerman as a racist profiler,
before all the evidence was in--And that, Mister President,
would have unquestionably gone a long ways (longer
than your invirtuous persecution by insinuation of an
innocent young man) towards healing the racial rift
your own lack of moral character has helped to create.

Instead, you continue to disgrace yourself and your office
by perpetuating this monstrous blood libel against an
absolutely innocent man... whom (we all know now to be
a fact) had he not shot Trayvon Martin when he did
would have surely been brutally murdered himself by Martin.

S D Rodrian
If you are as concerned as I am with President Obama's
ongoing deepening of America's racial divide: please
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                    President Barack Obama
                    The White House
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                    Washington, DC 20500
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Victim in chief is no role for a president.

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

In so saying, he essentially gave permission for all
to identify themselves by race with the victim or the
accused. How sad, as we approach the 50th anniversary
of the march Martin Luther King Jr. led on Washington,
that even the president resorts to judging not by the
content of one’s character but by the color of his skin
— the antithesis of the great dream King articulated.


Juror B29, ‘Maddy,’ says ‘Zimmerman got away with murder’’

I am so glad this juror has spoken out because it proves
that even someone who WANTED Zimmerman convicted
finally & against her own personal feelings/prejudices
had to acknowledge that the evidence proved Zimmerman
innocent. It's one thing to claim that this was a
racist/biased/KKK jury, but "Maddy's" post-trial
statements prove that this jury was anything but that.

S D Rodrian


Look deeper at conceptions about race and self-defense
By Cathy Young


On "Roderick Scott"

"Where is All, Jesse, and Obama on this case. Oh wait
sorry it was a white teenager shot and killed by a
black man so that one is ok. A thug is a thug is a
thug, you want to be a thug you may get shot."

--Web Poster


"The majority of racists are on one side. The one that
CHOOSES to overlook the breakdown of the black family,
the influence of drugs in society, and the impact of
rap music on youth as the REAL problems. The side that
attacks people because of their skin color while
yelling "this is for Trayvon". They ignore his [Martin's]
gangster, misogynistic, and crude tweets and facebook
, as well as his record at school and the fact
he was getting his skittles and watermelon punch (not
iced tea) in order to mix it with cough syrup to make
"lean". His autopsy report shows that he had the liver
damage of someone who took this mixture to get high.
Go ahead and ignore the facts..." --Web Poster


George Zimmerman Rescues Family From Truck Crash Last Week ...

Man, this kid (Zimmerman) just can't seem to give a break
to the Let's Keep The Racial Divide Going Co-Conspirators
(Obama, the Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al)
who without a doubt all benefit personally from this divide.

Let's hope for poor President Obama's sake that while he's
giving Zimmerman the Presidential Medal of Freedom
(or whatever, as he just might have to someday) a bolt
of lightning doesn't set the White House on fire and
Zimmerman has to carry out him, Michelle & the kids,
over his fat little shoulders to safety--I mean, I think that
might REALLY probably finally just do Obama in!

S D Rodrian


“This is for Trayvon Martin.”

It's unlikely that these black criminals were specifically
incited by Obama's (and other infamous black enablers
of hate)'s ongoing campaign to portray white racism
as having caused Trayvon Martin's death (instead of
Trayvon Martin's own perversity) when all the evidence
proves racism played no role whatsoever in his death
(unless it was Martin's own maliciously racist desire to
beat-up or murder what he perceived to be a small white
man suddenly alone and at his mercy). However, when
someone fans the flames of racial/ethnic hate: Eventually
people will get hurt BECAUSE of that incitement to hate,
Mister President. And, as in this Adams Morgan case, it
will most likely be someone completely/totally innocent.
Is that really what you want for America, Mister Obama?

S D Rodrian


George Zimmerman stopped with gun in Texas

This is an innocent man who will need to spend the
rest of his life looking over his shoulder for racist
lunatics/criminals given license by race-hate enablers
like Barrack Obama & others who seek to gain from
keeping African-Americans separated from the rest of
the American People:

No African-Americans = No need for black leaders

No need for black leaders = Lotta guys out of cushy jobs


The American Civil Rights movement is filled with
admirable black leaders who have sacrificed their all
and time & time again put their lives on the line to
achieve incredible accomplishment not only for
African-Americans but for all Americans... because
their aim was ever the unification of all Americans,
not the eternal division of blacks & whites.

People like Martin Luther King did not struggle for
black separation but for the principle that his
children be not judged "by the color of their skin
but by the content of their character." He put his
life on the line for that principle and he gave his
life for that principle... of integration.

Today's black "leaders" seem to be in a constant
struggle too. But it is a struggle to outrun media
revelations of drug abuse, fraud allegations, slush
funds for themselves & their kin, and mistresses
& bastards without end: With not one notice in all
of this of any personal sacrifice on their part. It is
something truly amazing to behold for someone
like myself who witnessed the greatness of the
original Civil Rights leaders first hand.

And nothing is more amazing to me than that these
latter-day opportunists should now find it fitting &
proper to sacrifice not themselves but a completely
innocent man (George Zimmerman) to advance
THEIR personal ambitions--and even though it brings
great harm & discredit to the struggle for Civil Rights
itself: That, like nothing else I can think of, tells you
everything anyone would ever want to know about
the content of THEIR character.


When he injected himself as President of The United
States into a criminal proceeding (which he was if
not legally then ethically obligated to stay out of]
Barrack Obama explained that he was doing so not
because of any of the evidence ["the content of their
character"] but because of "the color of their skin"
factor--that because of no reason except that Trayvon
Martin's "skin" was the same color as his own all his
sympathies lay not with the real victim in this case
(George Zimmerman) but with the drug-addicted
gang-member-wanna-be thug (Trayvon Martin)
who had been hell-bent on viciously murdering him:
who if he'd had a son would be just like him... who
30 years earlier HE would have been just like him.

And I don't think Mister Obama really cares about
the failings of Trayvon Martin's flawed character. I
really do take him at his word when he tells us it's
all/only because of the color of his skin (Martin's).

Was all this sympathy because it was Martin who
ended up dead? This would be no different than
telling us your sympathies are with Nazi Germany
[oh, NOT because of its guilt but] because it was
eventually destroyed: No Mister President, you spit
in the face of Martin Luther King's dream and the
legacy of countless sacrifices by innumerable brave
men & women when you judge people not by the
content of their character but by the color of their
skin. Your moral compass is all shot to Hell. And I
shudder at what you are teaching your daughters:
You should know better. And the fact you do not
is a stab in the back to the progress of our
collective humanity.

S D Rodrian


Probably Best Article on This Entire Sad Episode


George Zimmerman Is Guilty!!!
by Jonathan Capehart


You found him guilty of "the super-obnoxious
“don’t you know who I am?!” offense." [Okay,
maybe Zimmerman wasn't as obnoxiously guilty
as Reese Witherspoon, but--] Then again, maybe
Zimmerman simply wanted the cop to know why
it was he needed a gun. If you're maliciously
inclined you can certainly always make a lot
more of this than is there.

          Good job, Mr. Capehart!

However I beat you to it: I found him guilty of
being above-slightly-overweight for his height.

If all the "let's persecute this guy for being
found innocent" gang gets together... we might
just drive him out of his skull. What'cha'say!

Mr. S D Rodrian


   NBC's Shameless Campaign Against George Zimmerman...

Police called to incident between George Zimmerman, wife

That was NBC's report of this sad tale about George Zimmerman's
divorce battles. NOTE that here the impression is left that George
threatened his wife with a gun. Now read (below) what other (than
NBC) news outlets printed about this same incident. NOTE that it
makes unambiguously clear that Zimmerman did NOT have a gun:

Zimmerman's wife won't press charges despite call
Cops trying to recover footage from Zimmerman iPad after dispute

NEXT UP: George Zimmerman spotted stutting around town
sporting a cowboy hat, wearing a pair of matching pearl-handled
Roy Rogers pistols on his waist & mumbling: "Yeah, I'm bad! I'm bad."

LATEST NEWS: "George Zimmerman bites a dog!"
Dog taken to hospital. "Dog OK," doctors assure reporters.
No word on color of dog, though. Therefore: "He could be black,"
claim NBC reporters on the scene... "Looks like he's gonna
get away with this one too." More to come...

Ah, here it is: An interview by NBC of George's wife. [Who the Hell in all this world could possibly be interested in this pathetic private divorce?!?]

George Zimmerman’s wife: 'I have doubts but I also believe the evidence'

NOTE that while she says she believes the evidence (which proved George innocent), NBC's creature Mat Lauer's understanding of this is that she now believes him guilty! What a fall for NBC from Huntley-Brinkley!

... "On the 911 tape of the domestic incident, Shellie can be heard saying of George, "I don't know what he's capable of."

Lauer asked about her choice of words: “They're inflammatory words, considering your husband was just acquitted on murder charges,” said Lauer. “Were they used intentionally to raise questions, to raise doubts about not only his behavior during this altercation, but perhaps his behavior on the night that Trayvon Martin was shot?”

Lauer could have also gone on to suggest from this that she might also be thinking about George's behavior that day when as a baby he bit his mother's tit: "His mother also didn't press charges against him, but maybe she should have!" Lauer might have suggested, trying to make his NBC corp seem justified in having defamed Zimmerman...

Don't miss the real point of this NBC "interview" (to justify NBC's earlier report [above] which seems to imply that Zimmerman pulled a gun on his wife ... and somehow disposed of it before the cops could confiscate it).

Hey, NBC: You are SO well justified in being sued for defamation. But even more justified would be were you sued for perpetuating a fraud on anyone who believes NBC to be an honest news-reporting enterprise.


     George Zimmerman, a latter-day O.J.

If you want to read what a "send-up" bit of trash
journalism is, read this Washington Post article by
a guy named Jonathan Capehart.

Mr. Capehart forgets to point out a crucial difference
between O.J. and Zimmerman. Namely, that Zimmerman
was forced to shoot Trayvon Martin to save his own life,
while O.J. went out of his way to murder two innocent
human beings without any justification whatsoever.

Capehart's prejudiced hatchet job drips with personal
hate and unabashed venom for George Zimmerman:

"Only two months ago, Shellie Zimmerman told a
911 dispatcher that her now-ex-husband was “just
threatening all of us with his firearm” and had
punched her father in the nose." And even though
Capehart did add that, "Zimmerman wasn’t arrested
because neither Shellie nor her father pressed
charges against him." He forgot to add that, "Shellie
Zimmerman initially told a dispatcher her husband
had a gun, though she later said he was not armed."

That would have been the facts, but Capehart was
interested in the facts only if they advanced his
negative portrayal of Zimmerman--which is obviously
the only reason he wrote his piece (of).

Therefore Capehart writes that Zimmerman's "call
sounded as cold and calculated as the infamous one he
made to the non-emergency line at the Sanford Police
Department on Feb. 26, 2012." Or maybe he just
wanted to get his side of the story out, knowing that
Scheibe had already been getting hers out for a long
long while now.

Mr. Capehart: There's not a question in anybody's mind
that George Zimmerman's temper is his worst enemy. But
at least he never schemed to sneak around and murder
his wife in cold blood. And that may not seem much of
a difference to you, Mr. Capehart, but it is. (Why
didn't you write instead about how cold-blooded bastards
are the essence of evil, while the bad-tempered are
essentially... to be pitied? That would have been a
nice comparison between O.J. and Zimmerman.)

"After the hearing, Zimmerman's public defenders said
he did not appear to be suicidal and expressed
confidence he would be acquitted of any wrongdoing
in Monday's domestic dispute." Wrote another, an
obviously more professional reporter... not out to
do a hatchet job on anyone but simply trying to report
the facts.

This is the same Capehart who assailed Dinesh D’Souza
for tweeting: “I am thankful this week when I remember
that America is big enough and great enough to survive
Grown-Up Trayvon in the White House!”

Hey, Capehart, if that offended you what you should have
done is come down on Obama, since it's Obama's comparison
and not D’Souza's (D’Souza actually deleted his tweet because
maybe he realized that comparing the President to a thug &
drug-user was too much even though it was the President's own
comparison) as Obama would rather compare himself to Martin
than to Albert Schweitzer--who was white, of course, so Obama
could have one either way: It was Obama who originally said
that “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” But I
guess if Mister Capehart could have made D’Souza look bad by
calling him a pretty nice guy he'd've tried it. This Capehart guy
is bad news for decent, honest, impartial journalism.

S D Rodrian


HEADLINE: Zimmerman had 5 guns, ammo when arrested

If there's a law prohibiting these, then, by God, arrest everybody
in America who owns 5 or more guns and 100 rounds of ammo~!

I am curious that none of these "brilliant" reporters has ever
pointed out that in all the confrontations Zimmerman's had
with his many wives & girlfriends his reaction has never been
that of the typical mad-dog killer he's always portrayed as but
instead that of a mousy guy running out to hide in a closet etc.
[Might this be why he owns so many guns, and not because he's
planning to kill all sorts of people?]

However, I am fascinated that almost every one of them always
mentions that Zimmerman's guns have been taken away from him:
Is this intended to let those who'd like to murder George know
he's now unarmed? That is cold. Certainly makes one wonder.


Not unexpectedly...

     George Zimmerman on Monday, Dec. 9, 2013, filed
     an affidavit from his girlfriend that says she
     doesn’t want him charged with aggravated assault,
     battery and criminal mischief.

     In the signed affidavit, Scheibe — referring to
     Zimmerman as "my boyfriend" — said that
     detectives misinterpreted what she said and that
     she hadn't been coerced into signing the

     "I am not afraid of George in any manner and I
     want to be with him," Scheibe wrote.

Does anybody really believe this is all going to end well? --SDR


Now... What George should do is marry Oprah Winfrey
(remember: the idea that George is a racial profiler
was strictly a fabrication of NBC News reporters--if
they don't try to make him out to be a racist: nobody
would have ever heard the name George Zimmerman).
But, marrying Oprah Winfrey would cure George's money
problems, and Oprah Winfrey could keep him as her pet,
occasionally feeding him (while he frolics on her lap)
tasty bite-sized treats shaped like little Glocks).

... By the way, it took NBC over a day to report
[Scheibe's] December 9 affidavit (I have yet to see
Jonathan Capehart's). I guess they were too busy
reporting on the Mandela travelogue or something.
Strange because they seem to have made it their
business to report almost instantly everything
negative possible about George... O impartial,
unprejudiced journalism, where hath thou gone!


Still More persecution of Zimmerman by Capehart:

Now it's: "How dare he try to earn a living!!!"

This poor bastard Capehart just doesn't have the decency to give up.


Oh man! This is just too good:   Don’t be fooled
by fake George Zimmerman art
now writes poor
obdurate Jonathan Capehart, still refusing to see
his blind spot and now suddenly struck dumb by
the good gods of decent journalism!

See, Mister Capehart, this is why one should keep
one's objectivity (especially when one is in the news
business). You were so headlong willing to condemn
poor George that you let yourself be fooled by a gag
website's transparently tasteless joke! Be a better
man than Obama, who is never going to admit that he
let himself be fooled by NBC reporters' tasteless lie
about George's racial profiling--It Never Happened: *
Learn a lesson from this (what ought to be a humbling,
embarrassing event for you), Mister Capehart, and
apologize to George... you'll be a better human being
for it. And then you might finally be able to review
this whole sad matter of Trayvon Martin's death with
a just big enough modicum of objectivity that it might
just let you come to the conclusion to which George's
murder trial jury also came--Namely, that either
George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin or he
would have been murdered by Trayvon Martin.

* Was there racial profiling in the George Zimmerman
   case? Well, according to Trayvon Martin’s friend Rachel
, Martin referred to George as a "creepy-ass
   cracker." Now, THAT's racial profiling. And, unlike
   George who was asked Martin's race and replied with
   the generic "black," Jeantel reported that Martin's
   characterization of George was entirely unsolicited.


George Zimmerman not expected to face civil rights charges
in Trayvon Martin death

 At a news conference last month to announce an investigation
 into the Ferguson police department, Holder was asked about
 the lingering civil rights probe into the Martin homicide. “That
 investigation’s ongoing,” he told reporters. “There are active
 steps that we are still in the process of taking. There are
 witnesses who we want to speak to as a result of some recent

Why don't you talk to the black girl Zimmerman took to the
prom, or to the two black kids he mentored? Why don't you
talk to his best friend, who is also black, or to the black
homeless man for whom he sought justice after a white cop's
son beat him? Those people could probably tell you just how
horrifically racist this guy Zimmerman is!


Rabbi Shmuley: How Jewish Values Enrich The Earth
On Marriage
Tricky Headlines / S D Rodrian


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